Website Upgrade

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We can redesign or rebuild your website with an upgraded look and feel, maybe add new features, give you easy access to managing content, make it more Search friendly, or even make it more mobile/iPhone friendly.

Since you already have a website (and domain name), we can start with what you have, and build on that by taking your existing content, colors, logo, etc., and giving you a brand new version of your website.

Or we could re-imagine the whole website, and kind of start from scratch while keeping the original website address.

We offer high quality website upgrade services which are exclusively designed for E commerce, OS commerce and CMS Websites. We have organized and experienced team of web developers who are aware of all the nitty gritty of web updating and therefore, provide website update according to their needs.

While updating the website our website developers will take into account following important points:

  • Is the Website Search Engine Friendly?
  • Does the existing website design looks cluttered?
  • Does the website require advanced technologies?
  • Does the website require change in the arrangement of graphics and text?
  • Is there any need to change the symmetry of elements?

Website Upgrade For SEO

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is becoming increasingly popular as more people aim for the top result in the search engine. If your website is in the first organic position on Google, your website will receive 33% of all the organic traffic for that search query. That is why upgrading your website for SEO should be something you consider. This is our team’s area of expertise. We have helped small and large businesses ranging from not-for-profits to international law firms with upgrading their website and utilizing SEO to help grow their business.

Website Upgrade For UX

User experience or UX is the most critical factor when you are considering if your website requires an upgrade. If your website has an old style and the features on the website are not focused on improving the user experience, your website desperately needs an upgrade. 46% of website visitors will trust a company based on the experience they have with their website. If you are presenting potential customers with a boring website and they have a bad experience, they may be lost to your business forever. Some of the most common UX mistakes made on websites include irrelevant content and a lack of calls to action. Our team focuses on creating websites that are up to date with the latest user experience data and we lean on our decades of experience to develop an engaging website that will have your customers coming back for more.

Ecommerce Website Upgrade

Competition in the eCommerce industry has been significantly increasing over the past five years. Having a thought-out website that enhances the products you are trying to sell should be at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy. Osborne Digital Marketing has helped numerous small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses improve their website. Our team recommends that your website loads quickly and has a high-resolution image of the product you are selling along with a detailed description of the product. Many outdated websites wonder why they can’t sell their products and it could be because they don’t have these core components considered.

Improve Website Speed

For every second your website takes to load, you are losing 7% of your potential customers. Not to mention, Google has directly stated that speed is a ranking factor. If your website is too slow and isn’t responsive when users engage the features of the site, they will become frustrated and bounce. We help companies improve their website speed. In fact, for most of the companies, we work with for SEO and PPC, the first item on our checklist is ensuring that they improve their website load times. No matter how amazing the website is, if it takes too long to load, no one will stick around to see its grandeur.

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Website Upgrade Services FAQs

You should redesign your website as soon as you feel it has no longer become appropriate for the job it needs to fulfill. As an example, if you have a medical clinic and your website can not take online bookings, you should consider a website upgrade.

Yes, we do. We offer all types of website upgrades. However, when it comes to squarespace & Wix websites they tend to not perform as well with SEO. That is why we recommend moving the website over to wordpress. If your website can be found more easily on a search engine, your business will benefit.

That depends on the level of work involved. The price can range from $500 for a small update on a very small website to a couple thousand for larger websites. Some websites have over 500 pages. That can be a lot of work if the whole website needs to be upgraded. We provide free quotes so you will never be left in the dark. You will know the total cost from day one.

You sure can! That should be your number one focus. Your website should be generating business for your company. Our SEO experts can help create a detailed plan ensuring we maximize the leads generated by your new website.