Web development trends in 2025

You will find that many of these trends already exist on the web but they are expected to become even more widespread in the coming years. Let’s take a look.
1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
Though not a new trend of 2022, progressive web apps (PWAs) in their latest iteration are going to replace web apps for good. PWAs help websites to load in no time and can also work offline in apps like Google Maps. Companies like Starbucks, Uber, Pinterest, and Twitter have already been using PWAs for a better user experience.

2. AI Chatbots

In 2022, AI chatbots are expected to become even more sophisticated in meeting the needs of and matching the behavior of users by leveraging machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques.

Besides assisting companies in performing faster operations using voice or text chats, AI-enabled chatbots also help improve t2. he customer experience. They can collect data, answer frequently asked questions, and solve other issues, thereby providing customers with seamless digital experiences with a company.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

First launched by Google in 2015, accelerated mobile page or AMP was designed to provide mobile users with lightning-fast digital experiences. In addition to providing seamless user experiences and decreasing bounce rate, Google’s AMP can help improve core business metrics, such as the number of conversions on web pages.

4. Single-Page Applications

Considered one of the most significant recent trends in web development, single-page applications (SPAs) are JavaScript-based web applications that load a single HTML page in a visitor’s browser and dynamically update content as needed without refreshing the page. SPAs have been widely adopted by the development community, as well as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Besides being cost-effective and relatively easy to create thanks to the popular AngularJS framework, SPAs consume less space on servers and provide information to users efficiently on a single page without the need to navigate around. These benefits make SPAs a win-win for developers and site visitors alike.




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